Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Topic for Tuesday 22nd February - What's in a Name

What is your full name and why were you named it? Were you named after somebody else? Do you have children, what about them?


  1. Thanks for participating in my giveaway, sorry you didn't win, but I am glad you at least stopped over so that I could find you!!! I'll have to stop by on Tuesdays, I always have plenty (probably too much) to say!

  2. I was named Tabitha after the daughter on Bewitched. It was my mom's favorite TV show and it has been mine all my life.

  3. Just found your blog on LDS Listings-what a fun idea! My first son is named Beck after a play my husband and I saw before we were married. We both walked out and commented that we really liked the name and it stuck nearly 4 years until he came along.

    Can't wait for next Tuesday!