Thursday, December 10, 2009

Topic for Tuesday 15th December - First Christmas

What are your earliest memories of Christmas? How have your childhood Christmases affected how you celebrate Christmas now?

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  1. We always had get togethers with 2 of my dad's sisters who lived in the same area as we did. One lived at the beach so we always loved having a beachy Christmas. Every year we went shopping in downtown Portland, OR as a family and had a schedule of certain shops to go to. And, we ended the evening by ice skating at one of the malls. (We had rinks in the malls) That was one of my favorite times. Because my mom was hispanic, we always made tamales on Christmas Eve - yum! We begged to open just one present that night and after my parents gave in, we ripped open all of them and didn't have any the next morning - ha ha. My parents told us but we couldn't help it...thanks for letting me share!
    I'll be back - love your blog!