Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Topic for Tuesday 10th May - Hired Help

If you had oodles of money, and could afford to hire help for one area of your life, would you hire a gardener, cleaner, cook, personal trainer, or some other profession?
For me it would for sure be a Gardener,  I would love a really pretty garden, with terrific grass, loads of flowers, and fruits and vegetables a plenty, but I'm way to lazy (and frankly don't have the time) to do it. One day.......


  1. I always thought I would love to have a cleaner. Like seriously LOVE IT! But as you know my hubby is a Digital Forensic Investigator. In short he solves crimes on computers. The number of cases he has seen where the cleaners husband, or boyfriend steals their keys while they (the cleaner is sleeping) and goes into peoples homes while they are there is unreal. So for me a cleaner is out of the question. But a Gardner, they dont have to have keys to my house. I would love one of them!!

  2. Oh a personal trainer and cook. I can make it in the gym, but if I could afford someone to do what the celebrities get, I so would. Especially since I am like addicted to M&M's. Lol. I need someone to tell me NO! And kick my butt in the gym.