Thursday, April 16, 2009

Topic for Tuesday 21st April - Librarian Girl

This week is National Library Week, so the topic is:

Tell us about the last book that you read, or what your favorite one is.

I hadn't read a book, apart from the obligatory Parenting/Baby books for a few years until I gave in and read Twilight (which I swore I would never do!) - I ended up reading the 4 books and 5 days, and lost a few pounds on the Twilight diet - which basically consists of reading obsessively and maybe eating a snack once a day to keep you going, so you can stay up longer reading more and more! That was last November and I have since got the reading bug back. The last one I read was 'Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins. I loved it! A good cat and mouse chase, with a undeclared love story (I am all sappy after Twilight), there's alot about humanity and the power of love and courage.

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