Thursday, April 30, 2009

Topic for Tuesday 5th May - Mothers Day

Mothers Day is coming up this weekend, and this weeks topic is from **Holly** who suggested:
Do you like or dislike Mothers Day, and why?


  1. Well, since I suggested it, maybe I should comment! It's not that I don't dislike Mother's Day, I just don't love it. I always hate going to church and hearing talks about the perfect mother. It never fails: someone gets up and talks about their mom and how great they are/were. "She never raised her voice. We always had prayer and FHE. All of the children went on missions and were AP, and every one of us was student body president and my mom made all of our clothes and canned our food..." No one gets up and says, "My mom sometimes yelled at us. My mom didn't always keep the house perfectly clean and she didn't always make me cookies. Most of the time she bought our bread at the store, and she sometimes didn't even take a shower."

    I hate the idea that ONE day out of the year, you're suddenly "special" and there is pressure on your family to give you presents and do things for you. (I dislike Valentines Day for the same reasons. I don't need one day out of the year to know that I'm loved.) And the pressure and financial obligation that goes along with it bugs me too. Flowers are nice, but I can do a lot more with the $35-50 that flowers cost.

    My husband has done some amazing things for me over the years for Mother's Day, and I truly appreciate them. He's also good about letting me know often, during the year, how much he appreciates me and what I do for our family. Just like I try and tell him, often, that I appreciate how hard he works to provide for us. I think that the showing love and appreciation thing should be an all year, all the time deal, and not just a concentrated event.

    Stepping off my soapbox now...thanks for posting the question, even if there aren't any other takers!

  2. Thanks Holly, my mum felt a lot like you, I hope you get asked to speak on mothers day in church one sunday, that would be refreshing for a lot of people!