Friday, April 10, 2009

TTA Chocoholics Giveaway

I am giving away a selection of English Chocolate bars as a sweet treat for you!! To enter:

** Simply leave a comment with a Tuesday Tell All topic you would like to see posted:)

Winners will be picked randomly and announced on April 20th - I will ship the winners chocolate anywhere in the world! Thanks for stopping by and happy blogging and happy munching!

If you're interested, you can read a NY Times article on the yumminess of English Chocolate, which they call the "Worlds Best Candy".


  1. I can attest to it being the worlds best candy. My family visited England about 10 years ago and we tried a few fun bars. It is very different than American bars. So delicious!

    Anyway here is what I was thinking for topics
    ~What motivates you to try harder?
    ~What helps you be a good friend?
    ~What's your mantra?
    ~What was something that has comforted you in the past?

  2. Well, given that my husband is English, I would agree that English chocolate is pretty darn good! We sure love Cadbury's around our house. And Mint Aeros. Wow, are they ever yummy.

    I'd love to see a topic about Mother's Day.
    *Do you like or dislike Mother's Day and why.

  3. I'd like to see "Do you tend to procrastinate, and how do you avoid it if you do?"

  4. I live in England, and it is most definately the best chocolate EVER! I am a chocoholic!

    Some ideas for topics....

    - A love list.
    - Whats in a name...( what does your name mean?)
    - What really makes you laugh?
    - Whats the most craziest/scariest thing you have done?

  5. mmmmmm...I lived in England for a while and we got so spoiled on their chocolate, even toured the cadbury factory! I am just getting back into tuesday tell all but some topic ideas

    -a fork in the road moment
    -real world vs the blogging world (the daily chaos that your blog never reveal!)
    -best kept home organization secrets
    -the things that most motivate

  6. Buttons... I need buttons, they are my fav.!!!! I think I even dream about them!
    - What do you love most about each of the people in your family or people your close to.
    - Goals for you or your family
    - A moment that you will never forget when someone has shown kindness to you or that you have done something for someone else that has affected you.

  7. I'll admit it, I've never had English chocolate. From the comments posted it sounds good and I hope I win!!! OK Tuesday Tell All - who has influenced your life as a mother or friend or spouse (I think any of those would be good)

  8. I adore English chocolate.

    As far as topics, I'd like to see :
    -What did you never think you'd hear yourself say, but did (at some point)?

    -How do you get yourself out of a bad mood/funk?

    -When you were in kindergarten, where did you think you'd be at this point in your life? Are you there?

    -If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?